Ok so the rain is still with us, so what are we going to do?…..

You can sit inside wondering when the rain is ever going to stop, or you can start exploring.  There is so much to see and do so don’t let the rain stop you. First of all you can explore one of the 70 castles in Northumberland

  1.  Alnwick Castle where you can immerse yourself in mystery and magic and try your skills at broomstick training, facing the dragon and exploring the castle.
  2.  Bamburgh Castle – Explore Bamburgh Castle and discover everything this iconic building has to offer. The castle enjoys more than its fair share of legends and myths. With dragons and ghosts it’s also believed to be the site of Sir Lancelot’s fictitious castle, Joyous Garde.
  3. Chillingham Castle – Maybe not for the faint hearted but Chillingham Castle boasts some of the highest levels of paranormal activity in the country, with a large collection of spectres and apparitions spotted by visitors over the years.
  4. Barters Books – The shop has many features: open fires in the winter, the Station Buffet with good plain food, coffee, tea and cookies. A model railway acting as a link between the book columns of the central room, along with poetry lines. Three stunning 40-foot murals. A mini-cybercafé (well, two computers!) and free wi-fi. Numerous restored station features. Generous seating. A children’s room with enough toys to allow parents and grandparents to browse elsewhere in peace
  5.  Wrap up warm and walk along one of our fabulous beaches and finish off with a lovely pub lunch, sitting by the fire

And….if the sun comes out!….

  1. Farne Islands -Join the Farne Island’s lighthouse keeper George on a tour of Europe’s largest offshore bird sanctuary.  George has been sailing around these islands since he was a young boy and knows every inch of this diverse habitat.  The islands lie off Northumberland’s heritage coast, between the villages of Bamburgh and Seahouses and at the heart of an area of outstanding natural beauty. There are 28 Farne islands at low water, 3 of which are open to the public. They are licensed to land on all of the National Trust islands  which include the bird sanctuaries. As lighthouse keeper, George is the only skipper who can take you on a guided tour inside Grace Darling’s Lighthouse, Longstone.
  2. Slate Hall Riding Centre – Enjoy a countryside trek or a fabulous beach ride with stunning scenery and the iconic Bamburgh Castle in the background.  They accommodate all levels of riders
  3. Take to the countryside on a different saddle and hire a bike to explore the area.  We are on a Cycle route and there are various routes for all abilities.  The bikes can be delivered to and picked up from the cottages.  If you bring your own bikes there is bike storage available. Coquet Cycles and Boards and Bikes

And….if you still want to get wet!…..

  1. Willowburn Sports Centre, Alnwick  – has activities for all – fun family sessions, aquafit and swimming lessons
  2. Take to the water and try paddleboarding, kitesurfing, surfing or canoeing. For those who don’t mind heights have a go at Coasteering with Adventure Northumberland– Coasteering is a unique and exhilarating combination of cliff jumping, rock climbing, sea level traversing and sea cave exploration. Guaranteed to be lots of fun it continues to be our most popular activities year-on-year. I have tried Paddleboarding and surfing and loved both activities – Paddleboarding being more sedate than the surfing but well worth trying both and you don’t notice the rain!  My husband and son did the Coasteering in the rain in April and had an amazing time – as long as there was hot chocolate at the end they were happy!

And …. if you want to stay inside and chill…..

If you are staying at one of our cottages, we can arrange lampshade making and sewing sessions with a fabulous lady, Alex,  from Tynemouth.







We tried out the lampshade making session or as we liked to call it ‘Lampas and Champas’ – of course! there was champagne involved on a wet Friday afternoon.  The session was approx 2.5 to 3 hours and we made the most amazing lampshades and we now have a great memento of a perfect afternoon with friends and want to make all my lampshades now.