What an amazing day we have had today – the sun was shining, the water was clear and the company fantastic!

I decided to go kayaking today with Coquet Shorebase at Amble to experience what it was like so that I can then promote it to our holiday guests.  The things we have to do!  We arrived at 9.15am to get kitted out and choose our boats – I prefer the sit on ones as they seem a bit sturdier, whereas my friend Lee chose the covered in kayak.  Both worked just fine – no capsizing!


We then had a short history lesson about the river and Amble which was fascinating to see how the river has changed location and its route over the years to accommodate the coal mining and shipping industry – There was even a railway running out to the sea.

old map     new map

So then our time came to get into the water and paddle up the river.  It was beautifully calm and it was lovely to head up the river towards Warkworth Castle and to see a different view of the castle and bridges on our way.  We even had the pleasure of a family of ducks to guide us on our way


The trip was set at a lovely pace and there was plenty of time to stop and hear more about the history of the river/castle and hermitage from our knowledgeable guides. (although I will have to go back again for another trip and listen again as there was a lot of information to soak up – that’s my excuse anyway!)  We were on the water for about 2 hours and worked with the tide so we did not have to ride any weirs/rapids on the way back!

    The end of the trip


Of course no visit to Amble would be complete if you did not visit the harbour for chips and a wander around the Pods


All in all it was an amazing day – looking for my next adventure soon.

Amble is only 19 miles on the coastal route to Beadnell so if you are visiting our cottages, why not book a trip with Coquet Shorebase or check out what other activities they do